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MeetContent WRO #27
by Paweł Martin, Monika Mrozek
Ocado | Szewska 8 | Wrocław

How to DITA without DITA and To commit or not to commit?

In April, the #27 MeetContentWRO will be hosted by Ocado.

And this time - just like we did the last time at Ocado - we will have two presentations:

  • Paweł Martin who is a Technical Writer at Ocado, will talk about Hats, Snakes, and Portals or in other words: How to DITA without DITA 😉

    We’ll find out about implementing technical documentation based on Spotify’s Backstage. For that, Paweł will briefly take us through what the Backstage offers in terms of tech docs and how it’s applied to document Ocado’s Technology Platform (OTP).

    Paweł will also discuss how to provide DITA-like functionality when you only have markdown - so how to DITA with no DITA 🧐

  • Monika Mrozek who works as a Lead Technical Writer at Ocado will reflect on the topic of estimation and consider with us whether To commit or not to commit.

    Is it possible for Tech Writers to estimate their work and how to go about this?

    We will learn a story about one team’s effort to drive awareness and bring more clarity about the work they are committing to. Wonder how they fared?

Well, you’ll have to wait till 24 April 😉

Join us at Ocado!

Paweł Martin
A Tech Writer for the hermetic Internal Tech Comms team who loves large repositories, cyberpunk, rock music, skateboards, and kimchi.
Monika Mrozek
A Lead Technical Writer and team manager, who is always keen on trying new things in technical communication. Most recently, a huge evangelist of using the Product Management perspective on docs, life and beyond.