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MeetContent WRO #25
by Kacper Tomaszewski, Michał Królewicz
Klubokawiarnia Mleczarnia | Pawła Włodkowica 5 | Wrocław

Creating product videos - a team challenge

The MeetContentWRO #25 will be a bit different to what you might have already gotten a bit used to… 🥁

Our host’s main office is located in Jelenia Góra and since their branch in Wrocław might not fit us all, this time around we will meet at Mleczarnia 🥛

You might have guessed already who are we meeting with on 27 February 🎉

Yup, it is the very CodeTwo 😎

And you already know, you are in for a treat!

Kacper Tomaszewski, who is a Senior Graphic & UI/UX Designer at CodeTwo (who you might also recognize from the company's social channel HRejterzy) and Michał Królewicz, who is a Technical Marketing Manager at CodeTwo, will share their experience on: How to make a good video content?

We don’t often talk about video content during our meetups, it seems that we are just expected to get that one under our belt as content people. But it is an art in its own right!

Both Kacper and Michał hope that plenty of tips, tricks and best practices will be shared both ways during the evening 🤞

Join us on 27 February. We start at 18:00 at Mleczarnia!

Use the Register button below to secure your spot.

P.S. 🤫 Rumor has it that the CodeTwo's CEO Szymon, aka JSON from HRejterzy, might also drop by 🙂

Kacper Tomaszewski
Kacper Tomaszewski is a Senior Graphic & UI/UX Designer working at CodeTwo in Jelenia Góra for almost 10 years. When he’s not designing graphics, you can find him playing high-level basketball in Jelenia Góra or recording rap albums.
Michał Królewicz
Michał Królewicz is a Marketing Manager and the first “formal” Technical Writer at CodeTwo, working in Wroclaw. A trail running and rock climbing enthusiast – you can find him climbing or running 100 km+ races all over the world.