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MeetContent WRO #24
by Barbara Czyż
Infor Academy | RETRO building, 5th floor | Piłsudskiego 69 | Wrocław

UnBOXing API documentation

The MeetContentWRO #24 will focus on API. As the topic suggests, Basia will unBox their approach to the developer documentation.

Basia will talk about:

  • The question of ownership - who should create these docs and how
  • Content organization - how to make it meaningful and helpful
  • Handling changes and improvements

We will learn a few examples from the Box API docs and explore how an idea of a new API is transformed into a fully documented API spec. As we go through the process, we’ll discuss tools, various documentation approaches, and best practices that support cooperation. Save the date for your monthly portion of knowledge and networking 😉

Barbara Czyż
Barbara is a curious technical writer, passionate about the docs-as-code approach and the API world. After her adventures with DITA and Markdown, she joined Box to create developer documentation and tighten her relationship with APIs and code. She is also the co-organizer of MeetContentKRK.