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MeetContent WRO #23
by Paweł Hałabuda
Text | Zwycieska 47 | Wrocław

Unlockig the Text Framework: How we use ChatGPT to scale our framework

Another MeetContentWRO is fast approaching. This time we will meet on 25 October at Text. The company has rebranded very recently and was formerly known as LiveChat. The MeetContentWRO #23 will bring you a bit more on AI, but with a twist 😉

The speaker, Paweł Hałabuda, will tell us about their experience in developing and scaling their company content. His presentation will be more of a case study. He will compare various AI tools, for example: ChatGPT, SurferSEO, or Jasper.

We will find out how these tools performed when combined with a newly introduced, more automated, content creation process. Paweł will also show us how the employing of various AIs impacted their site stats, number of views, SEO, and even the work productivity of content creators.

Paweł Hałabuda
Paweł is a Head of Communication at Text (previously Live Chat). He is leading the adoption of AI tools for creating content at scale.