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MeetContent WRO #22
by Marta Bartnicka
Dolby Laboratories | Legnicka 48, building G, floor 4 | Wrocław

AI/ML/NLP exploration at Dolby Technical Communications

Guess who has resumed their post on the Wrocław meetup stage? Yup, it’s the MeetContentWRO 🙂 We are back to bring you a new set of industry knowledge, experience, updates and plenty of networking!

The MeetContentWRO #22 will be hosted by Dolby Laboratories.

This time we bring you a topic that everyone, at least partially, heard about by now 😀 So the mysterious AI/ML/NLP exploration at Dolby Technical Communications will be gracefully unpacked for you by Marta Bartnicka, who is a Staff Engineer and looks after Publishing and Localization at Dolby Laboratories. Marta will tell us about the experience she and her team gained by experimenting with various AI types. We will hear more about the particular case of the documentation Dolby maintains: what are their limitations arising from the documentation format, customers profiles or highest quality standards they require. We will talk more about various OpenAI options that Dolby tested in the context of their documentation. Marta will add a thing or two about their internal Natural Language Processing explorations.

Want to find out more about how others surf the AI wave? Sign up for the event and join us. We will send you a confirmation. See you at Dolby!

Marta Bartnicka

For over 20 years in IBM Translation Center, Marta Bartnicka has gathered experience in translation and localization, verification, localization testing, localization projects management and terminology, as well as implementation of Machine Translation and integrating Continuous Delivery / Continuous Integration with the localization process.

In 2019, Marta joined Dolby Laboratories, leveraging her expertise in Localization and exploring the world of Publishing Engineering. She runs training courses on software/documentation localization and the practical use of Machine Translation in cooperation with and All-Round Translator, and she is the co-author of Programmers and translators. Introduction to software localization with Dr. Agenor Hofmann-Delbor (published in Polish by Helion).