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MeetContent WRO #15
by Marta Bartnicka, Wojciech Froelich

Connecting in the new normal

Half of 2020 behind us already, and what a ride has it been! Strange year indeed—we hope you and yours are holding up fine. Now that most of our professional lives is happening remotely, we thought we should give a try to the webinar format.

We are happy to have two extraordinary speakers joining us as we taste the waters of the virtual meetup:

Marta Bartnicka, presenting us her experience with Next door neighbors: Localization and Technical Communications.

Wojciech Froelich, who will introduce us to tekom Polska, the Polish branch of the largest professional association for technical communication worldwide.

Marta Bartnicka

For over 20 years in IBM Translation Center, Marta Bartnicka has gathered experience in translation and localization, verification, localization testing, localization projects management and terminology, as well as implementation of Machine Translation and integrating Continuous Delivery / Continuous Integration with the localization process.

In 2019, Marta joined Dolby Laboratories, leveraging her expertise in Localization and exploring the world of Publishing Engineering. She runs training courses on software/documentation localization and the practical use of Machine Translation in cooperation with and All-Round Translator, and she is the co-author of Programmers and translators. Introduction to software localization with Dr. Agenor Hofmann-Delbor (published in Polish by Helion).

Wojciech Froelich
Wojciech Froelich is the spokesperson for tekom Polska—one of the country organizations within tekom Europe, the largest professional association for technical communication worldwide. Wojciech has 20 years’ experience in localization engineering, and he is currently VP of Solutions Engineering at Argos Multilingual where he leads a team of experienced engineers who are responsible for building customer-oriented localization workflows and providing internationalization consultancy and software engineering support to Argos partners. He focuses on integrating authoring, automated translation management and multilingual publishing systems.