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MeetContent WRO #9
by Nataliia Dobrochynska, Martyna Toporek
Etteplan | Business Garden | ul. Legnicka 48 G | WROCŁAW

Simplified Technical English

A popular quote states that “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.” Though most technical communicators would in principle agree, we are also aware achieving the right level of simplicity is no trivial matter.

Enter controlled languages. In this meetup we will discuss the principles and first usage steps of STE (Simplified Technical English), a popular controlled language specification originally stemming from the aerospace industry. Come join us for the first of two events hosted by Etteplan Poland

Nataliia Dobrochynska
Nataliia graduated from L’viv National University in Ukraine as a foreign language philologist, and her journey with tech documentation started in 2011 with a position at Ericsson. About two years ago she decided her life needed a little bit of change, and decided to move to Poland and join Etteplan as a technical writer. In her free time Nataliia takes up sports: running, cycling, snowboarding, hiking, and yoga.
Martyna Toporek
Martyna has several years of experience ensuring documentation quality at production companies, updating and collecting information about plant machinery. For the last 4.5 years she has created technical documentation for a variety customers, and her main area of interest is machine documentation. Martyna spends her free time riding a bicycle and hiking.