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MeetContent WRO #12
by Alicja Wojtkiewicz
DeLaval | ul. Robotnicza 72 | WROCŁAW

Creating Spare Parts Catalogues

This session is dedicated to an important, yet sometimes overlooked, kind of documentation: Spare Parts Catalogues. These docs are the primary source of information about parts needed for proper service, maintenance and repair of machines. They are indispensable for service technicians and technical specialists, and come with their own set of features setting them apart from other kinds of technical content.

This MeetContent event is graciously hosted by DeLaval.

Alicja Wojtkiewicz
Alicja Wojtkiewicz started her work with technical documentation around 7 years ago. Beginning as a process engineer at Stelweld she provided work instructions and standards for a paint shop and assembly line. Since 2014 she has been working for DeLaval—first as a Technical Writer and currently as an Article Editor, responsible for the creation of Spare Parts Catalogues.