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MeetContent WRO #10
by Grzegorz Rydz, Łukasz Rybka
Etteplan | Business Garden | ul. Legnicka 48 G | WROCŁAW

Simplified Technical English

We welcome you to our second meetup dedicated to STE (Simplified Technical English), a popular controlled language specification originally stemming from the aerospace industry. This will be a more practical session where we shall discuss the first steps in using STE when authoring content.

This MeetContent event is graciously hosted by Etteplan Poland.

Grzegorz Rydz
Grzegorz has been working as a technical writer for almost five years, primarily writing hardware and software documentation for multiple products. His work sometimes involves working on customer sites to collect input, organize processes, and document product deployments. Grzegorz is also experienced in project organization and roadmap planning.
Łukasz Rybka

Łukasz started his adventure with Technical Documentation 7 years ago.

He is most interested in information architecture and the logic behind a given documentation deliverable.