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MeetContent WRO #5
by Grzegorz Kossobudzki
Globis | Ul. Powstańców Śląskich 7a | WROCŁAW

Two formats, one source – Topic-based writing in Flare 3/3

Topic-based writing is the cornerstone of modern technical communication, enabling efficiency levels previously unavailable with traditional approaches. MadCap Flare is a powerful tool that can turn your topics into almost any kind of output. This is the third and final event in a series dedicated to content production in Flare. For a detailed look at the event’s agenda, click here.

This event is organized in cooperation with 3di and the Poland MadCap Flare User Group (PLFUG).

Grzegorz Kossobudzki
Grzegorz has been working as a tech writer since 2014, for companies such as Nokia and Unit4, with a bit of freelance translation on the side. He’s leaning towards the technical part of technical writing, and enjoys using MadCap tools to solve all kinds of problems. He felt really weird writing this bio.