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MeetContent WRO #6
by Grzegorz Kopij
Dolby Labs | Business Garden B | ul. Legnicka 48 | Wrocław

MeetContent WRO #6

The Agile Manifesto suggests we should focus on producing working software over comprehensive documentation. Over, not instead. Could this be achieved by documenting side-by-side the code, keeping the documentation as close as possible to the code? How about maintaining this documentation in the same way we work with the code itself?

This event is organized in cooperation with Networked Assets.

Grzegorz Kopij
Grzegorz is the CTO of NetworkedAssets and an ISAQB Advanced Certified Software Architect with over 20 years of experience creating, architecting and developing software. During this time he has come to find solutions on how to effectively create documentation, saving developers’ time and effort while ensuring that the project continues to meet the needs of its stakeholders.