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MeetContent KRK #7
by Michał Skowron

Introduction do MadCap Flare Workshop part 1/3

Topic-based writing is the cornerstone of modern technical communication, enabling efficiency levels previously unavailable with traditional approaches. Yet topic-based writing also means that content creators are tasked with managing complex file systems, with the additional challenge of ensuring that the proper output is generated. MadCap Flare is a powerful tool that can turn your topics into almost any kind of output, and I’m going to show you how.

Come join us in this workshop, the first in a series of three events dedicated to content production in Flare.

The event is organized in cooperation with 3di and the Poland MadCap Flare User Group (PLFUG).

Michał Skowron

Worked as a technical writer for 8 years. He worked in multiple software companies, big and small. He's a huge proponent of automation in content delivery. In 2020, he became a doc tools developer.

In his daily work, Michał focuses on creating and maintaining tools and solutions which allow people to create technical documentation according to best practices in the software industry. His favorite programming language is Python. He wrote a guidebook called Tech Writer koduje w Pythonie. Przewodnik szybkiego startu. (in Polish).