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MeetContent KRK #16
by Michał Olender
Forte Spaces, ul.Krupnicza 3, Kraków

Documenting the journey: PubNub's tale of tool transition

Join PubNub’s team while they embark on a journey through the documentation tool transition. Discover how they planned and made strategic decisions that helped them to move their whole documentation set from one tool to another. Chip in with your tool experiences and challenges!

About our sponsors

MeetContentKRK #16 is sponsored by Forte Digital and Box!


Box dates back to 2005 when it started making it easy to access information from anywhere and collaborate with anyone. Today, Box is proud to call 97,000 companies and 68% of the Fortune 500 our customers — but that’s just the start. As work continues to evolve, Box stays focused on delivering innovation to organizations across the globe and blowing their customers' minds every day.

Forte Digital

Forte Digital was started in 2017 by Polish and Norwegian founders. Since then, it takes the best of both cultures adding a bit of Danish and German flavor to the mix. Forte Digital specializes in technology, design and strategy with the focus on creating digital products and services in close collaboration with their clients. Their long-term solutions are built by interdisciplinary teams on .Net and Java based digital service platforms.

Michał Olender
A technical writer by choice since 2021. Apart from working on documentation, Michał enjoys great food (get ready for some hints after the presentation ;), video games, and weird keyboards.