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MeetContent KRK #15
by Rafał Pawlicki
Ringier Axel Springer Tech, al. 29 Listopada 20, Kraków

High-quality docs make high-quality products

As someone once said: The product is docs. So we already know the connection between the two is strong, but how to make sure it is beneficial to both sides?

Let's talk about how documentation can improve the overall quality of the product. We will explore the kinds of docs created during the development process and how they can help us build better products. All that supported by real-life examples!

About our sponsor

MeetContentKRK #15 is sponsored by Ringier Axel Springer Tech!

Ringier Axel Springer Tech is a technology hub of Ringier Axel Springer Polska, a leading media & tech company in CEE. The company operates in three cities in Poland and remotely, with 50 teams of over 300 IT professionals creating multiple services that reach 40 million people.

Rafał Pawlicki

After more than 10 years of improving his programming skills and delving into software development secrets, Rafał has found his true calling and became the Documentation Manager.

At Ringier Axel Springer Tech, he orchestrates the documentation process, takes care of the knowledge base, and makes sure developers have all the necessary doc tools to write great documentation.

If you are familiar with the soap! content conference, you may also know Rafał as one of the frequent speakers and the voice of developers who not only write the code, but also the docs.