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MeetContent KRK #14
by Olga Stefaniuk, Barbara Czyż
Techie's Space, Na Zjeździe 11, Kraków

Developer relations with content

The term Developer Relations is recently gaining more and more recognition in the IT world, so you might be wondering what the fuss is all about.

No worries, MeetContent #14 has got you covered.

During this meeting, you will find out what DevRel does, who needs it, and how Developer Relations can cooperate with content creators. We will give you some use cases and examples from our everyday work and answer all questions you might have :)

About our sponsor

This MeetContent is sponsored by Codete!

Codete is a software company based in Poland that specializes in custom software development and IT consulting. Codete in numbers:

  • 350+ specialists
  • 3 offices in Krakow, Lublin, Berlin, and coworking spaces in major Polish cities (Warsaw, Wroclaw, and Gdansk)
  • 120+ projects
  • 70+ clients from around the world

In January 2022 Codete opened its own resto-bar Techie’s where they host the best tech events in town.

Olga Stefaniuk
Olga currently enjoys her work as a Developer Advocate at Box. She gained her experience by working as a front-end Developer with a focus on developing apps in the Vue.js framework and improving web accessibility. She's also a leader in a non-profit organisation called girls.js, which helps women learn the basics of JavaScript.
Barbara Czyż
Barbara is a curious technical writer, passionate about the docs-as-code approach and the API world. After her adventures with DITA and Markdown, she joined Box to create developer documentation and tighten her relationship with APIs and code. She is also the co-organizer of MeetContentKRK.