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Welcome, MeetContent Iberia

· One min read
Daniel Barrio Fierro
MeetContent Iberia

We are thrilled to announce a new branch of MeetContent!

MeetContent Iberia is our brand new community of practice for technical content professionals working in Spain and Portugal.

Happy illustration

The community is lead by a distributed team from Spain, and they have just set up a newsletter, LinkedIn space and Slack channel (if that slack link doesn't work, make sure your account has joined the MeetContent space).

New site!

· 2 min read

This site was created using Docusaurus and is fully self-hosted on GitHub.

You can host a site for free as well, thanks to GitHub pages. Well, I say free, but I guess all free services have a hidden cost. Irregardless, it's free in the sense that the monetary cost is zero.

In a nutshell here's how you can get there:

  1. Set up a repo on GitHub. If you want quick results, name your repo after your GitHub org, for example if your org is called "MeetContent", your repo should be called
  2. Set up a site in your repo. If you want to go with Docusaurus, check out their getting started.
  3. To deploy your site, you need designate a branch where your built site will be deployed. The most common convention is to use a branch called gh-pages. Read more on GihBub.
  4. Set up your Docusaurus deployment through GitHub actions.

Your site will be available on your org's default web address, for example

One big thing is that you get HTTPS for free!

If you want a custom domain, you can do that by pointing an external domain to your GitHub pages. Read more about custom domains for GitHub pages.